Islamophobin – The Pill That Can Cure Your Anti-Muslim Bigotry

A new pill on the market is all set to eradicate Islamophobia from people, and we all know one man who needs it the most.

With the significant rise in Islamophobia and Donald Trump promoting hateful rhetoric towards Muslims, it is not surprising that many white people are afraid of those belonging to the faith.

To hit back against Islamophobia and add a little humor to the situation, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has launched a mock commercial for a new pill called “Islamophobin.”

It starts off with the question “Do you think your neighbor is a terrorist?” and goes on to ask whether “you judge people on their outer appearance” and if the “fear of Muslims gets in the way of living a normal life.”

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The video show white people running away from Muslims, or giving them weird looks in public places, their faces reflecting the apprehension they have against the minority group.

Apparently, the medicine “starts working within five minutes to remove bigotry and intolerance” and its side effects include “fondness, brotherhood, acceptance, loss of bigotry, increase in rationality and possible denouncement of superiority.”

At the end, it features a man claiming the pill worked for him, as he holds close his Muslim neighbor.

It is campaigns like these that show the world that not all Muslims are terrorists, and that an entire religion or community cannot be stereotyped based on a few incidents.

Check out the video above.

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