Teens And Teachers Relentlessly Bully Student For Wearing Trump Hat

Teens and teachers apparently forgot that you can't fight fire with fire when they relentlessly bullied a student for wearing a "Make American Great Again" hat.

Donald Trump has incited violence, spewed hateful rhetoric that promotes racist bigotry and fiscally irresponsible notions, and he has somehow done it all with an ungodly amount of support among Americans.

While we can sit here and bash on Trump, his ideas, his rhetoric, as well as his child-like behavior, it is never a good idea to fight fire with fire like these people did.

South Portland High School sophomore Connor Mullen supports Trump. For that reason, he decided to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat to school one day; it didn’t go well. According to The Portland Press Herald, he was harassed by not only his classmates, but his teachers, too.

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"I knew kids would pick on me about it, that's just kids being kids, but when the adults started doing it I thought that's problematic," Mullen told the Press Herald. "This is a school that preaches equality."

Mullen says that kids bullied him relentlessly, knocking the hat off his head as well as kids stealing it and throwing it in the trash. While most of this abuse was from his fellow classmates, he also had teachers allegedly berated him, one going so far as to say, "Thank God you can't vote."

Bullying in any form is never okay—that’s part of the reason Trump incites so much hatred from so many Americans. It is for that reason that bullying someone for (quietly) supporting Trump is simply counterproductive.

The only way to actually work against Trump is to approach his supporters with a cool, calm demeanor, ask questions, provide statistics when applicable, or simply keep your eye on the voting booth. 

Hate never wins—remember that.

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