Couple Films Beating Baby Before Abandoning Her To Go Out To Eat

The child lost her sight, will have to be fed through a tube and doctors doubt she will live beyond early adulthood.

29-year-old Rocky Uzzell and 24-year-old Katherine Prigmore not only filmed themselves beating their 5-week-old baby, Isabelle, but abandoned her and went out to eat afterwards.

The injuries were serious enough to keep the newborn in intensive care for over two weeks with injuries that left her blind. The doctors doubt she will live beyond early adulthood.

The paramedics arrived at the couple’s residence on March 10, 2014, after Prigmore called 911 to report her baby’s limbs had “gone limp” and she was also vomiting.

The baby had swelling in her brain and injuries consistent with squeezing as well as multiple fractures on her ribs and a broken arm.

According to the paramedics and hospital staff, the parents “acted strangely” during the traumatic incident. The couple seemed more concerned about it being Uzzell’s birthday than the baby and talked about how her being in the hospital gave them the opportunity to go out and eat at Nando’s.

rocky uzzell

A video of Uzzell being violent toward the baby was found on a mobile phone.

The couple was convicted with causing or allowing a child to suffer serious harm.

Rocky Uzzell has been sentenced to six years while Katherine Prigmore will be serving a 28-month prison term.

"The harm was deliberate and inexcusable,” said Judge Rupert Mayo.

"Isabelle has limited life expectancy and will lead a life dependent on the care of others. She was injured on more than one occasion by you," he added.

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