Couple Forced To Move After RV Park Owner Learns They’re Interracial

An RV park owner in Mississippi admitted to evicting a couple and their two children because the neighborhood doesn't accept interracial relationships.

Erica Flores Dunahoo, her husband Stanley Hoskins, and their two children were allegedly evicted from an RV Park in Mississippi for being in an interracial relationship.

Hoskins is black and Dunahoo is Hispanic and Native American, according to Mic. The RV park owner, Gene Baker, was already acquainted with Dunahoo when they moved in but he hadn’t yet met her husband.

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Dunahoo said Baker was very nice to her initially — even inviting her to his church — until he learned of her husband’s race.

According to Mic, Hoskins is a National Guardsman who has served the country for more than a decade yet he was still subjected to intolerance and discrimination based on the color of his skin.

"He said, 'hey, you didn't tell me you was married to no black man'" Dunahoo, reportedly said of the RV park owner. "I said, 'Well Mr. Baker, I didn't think it was important, or a problem,' he said, 'Oh, it's a big problem ... with the members of my church, the community, my mother-in-law, they can't have that, they won't have that white and black shacking stuff.’"

When Dunahoo told Baker that she and Hoskins weren’t “shacking” and that they were married he reportedly told her, “Oh, it’s the same thing.”

After several failed attempts to convince Baker to accept her family, Dunahoo and Hoskins were forced to move elsewhere. She reportedly filed a report with the NAACP after the ordeal.

Baker admitted that he evicted the couple and their children but claimed he only did so because “the neighbors” were giving him “such a problem.”

"To hate someone or discriminate against someone for the color of their skin, I prayed and prayed for him, because he's an older man, but some people just won't change... they won't change," Dunahoo said.

The NAACP is investigating the incident further.

"Racial discrimination should be a thing of the past in Mississippi, considering our long history," president of the Mississippi NAACP Derrick Johnson told the Clarion-Ledger.

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