Kansas City Couple Watches Live Break-In On Their Phones

A Kansas City couple helplessly watched their house being burglarized via live camera footage.

The New Year didn’t turn out to be very pleasant for this couple. As the holiday season came to an end, Ryan Koehler, a Kansas City firefighter, and his wife lived a nightmare.

Koehler and his wife Kelsey watched the entire burglary live on their phone with the help of a phone app. Koehler was on duty when his phone alerted him of an unusual movement in his house. His wife got a similar text about movement in their house, and then they watched it all via a security camera in the living room.

They watched in horror as the Koehler family dog runs to look out from the window as the doorbell rings. The first suspect breaks the door down and enters the home seemingly unaware that a camera is watching his every move. He is seen casually walking through the house, looking for valuables.

“It’s terrifying. Your heart sinks,” Koehler said.

“I was like, oh, it's just the dog walking around. That's when I saw them kick in the door. I literally just started shaking,” said Kelsey Koehler.

Soon another suspect walks in; their voices can be clearly heard as they talk about grabbing the TV. They check out the bedrooms before returning to the living room and ripping a TV off the wall. The two men leave after taking the TV and some other electronics.

Other homes in the neighborhood have also been hit and police believe the thieves are behind those burglaries as well.

The Koehler family is traumatized and so is their dog. With a baby on the way, the pregnant wife says she just doesn’t feel safe at home anymore.

“It's nerve-wracking. Kind of makes you sick to your stomach. When my wife comes home she checks every door, looks under the bed makes sure no one’s here,” said Ryan Koehler.

The distressed family has a message for the burglars.

"It's karma. It's gonna catch up to you," he said. "Eventually you're going to knock the door down, and somebody's going to be waiting behind that door," says Ryan Koehler.

The couple filed a police report. However, no arrests have been made so far.

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