Couple Reunite With Daughter They Lost 24 Years Ago

“My efforts of 24 years were not wasted. My daughter has been found – thank you everyone,” said the emotional father.

A couple in China lost their daughter when she was only three years old. They left no stones unturned to find their daughter, but were not successful.

It took them 24 years to finally find their daughter.

Jan. 8, 1994 was the day Qifeng separated from her parents. At the time, Wang Mingqing and his wife were selling fruits in Chengdu to a large group of customers. This is when their daughter vanished from the busy street of the city.

Without wasting any time, Wang reported the matter to the police so they could look for her daughter. He also checked all the youth centers of the city and placed posters with pictures of his daughter on the street.

The parents were naturally devastated after not being able to find their daughter after years of searching.

However, they never gave up hope.

In 2005, Wang became a taxi driver hoping that one day his daughter might turn up as a passenger sitting in his cab. He asked other passengers if they knew someone like his daughter.

The desperate father shared cards which had his daughter’s information and asked his passengers to share his story on WeChat so that more and more people could be aware of his situation.

Soon the story started gaining momentum and Chinese media reported about the case of the missing daughter.

Fortunately, after 24 years, a young woman named Kang Ying came across a social media post that mentioned Wang’s search for his missing daughter. Kang Ying, now 27 years of age, lived just 20km away from Wang and his wife. She was raised by adoptive parents after they discovered her from the side of a road as a child.

Kang contacted Wang and went through a DNA test with the help of police. The DNA test results confirmed that she was indeed Wang’s long-lost daughter.

An emotional video footage showed the daughter reuniting with her mother, after arriving in Chengdu with her own husband and daughter.

 “Dad, Mom, I’ve come home!” were reportedly her first words, when she met her parents.

“The whole world said that I don’t have a mother, but I do have one!” she told reporters.

Naturally, the parents were over the moon after finally finding their daughter.

“My efforts of 24 years were not wasted. My daughter has been found – thank you everyone,” Wang said.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits:  Pixabay, Jeffjuit

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