Couple Shoots Up Heroin On Playground With Kids Nearby

Anthony Smith and Ashley Mayfield abused drugs in the restroom of a playground in Louisiana with their children around. They were taken into custody.

Drug use

America’s drug epidemic is only worsening as more reported cases of drug use and overdose come to light. Opioids, specifically, are on the rise, and heroin-addicted parents are continuing to put their kids in danger. Louisiana couple Anthony Smith and Ashley Mayfield, ages 27 and 25, respectively, did just that while shooting up in the bathroom of a playground. Yes — a playground.

Smith and Mayfield were at the Kings Grant Playground in Harvey, Louisiana, with their two young kids when they used heroin in the bathroom, the Times-Picayune reports. The children are 2 and 4 years old. An anonymous caller told police about the suspected drug use after they were in the bathroom for about 45 minutes.

The kids were brought to Child Protective Services and authorities arrested the couple. Smith was released, however, due to overcrowding in the jail. Mayfield remains detained on a $25,000 bond. They were officially charged with drug possession and violation of drug laws, since drug use of any kind on the playground is restricted.

A Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy found two used syringes, and Smith and Mayfield confessed they had contained heroin. According to the arrest report, they also admitted to having recently “shot up.”

With growing media coverage exposing abhorrent drug use cases such as these, we can only hope for their numbers to shrink. The nation's drug problem may not be fixed tomorrow, but with persistent reporting and increased national attention, a solution may be somewhere down the pipeline. 

Banner Image Credit: Facebook, Ashley Mayfield Smith

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