Couple Sues Teen Who Caused Horrific Crash While Using Snapchat

A Georgia couple is suing the 18-year-old who caused a terrible car wreck while she was driving more than 100 miles per hour and using Snapchat.

Last September, an 18-year-old Georgia teen named Christal McGee caused a terrible car crash while speeding and using Snapchat, and now her victim wants her to pay the price.

According to the Washington Post, McGee was driving her father’s Mercedes Benz home from work with her friends. She pushed the speed of the car all the way up to 113 mph where the speed limit was 55 mph.

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She was evidently excited to have reached this speed as she slightly slowed to 107 mph while pulling out her phone to document it using the Snapchat filter that indicates how fast your phone is moving.

She ended up crashing into Maynard Wentworth’s Mitsubishi while he was on shift for Uber.

Everyone involved in the accident, luckily, survived but Wentworth has suffered permanent brain damage as a result and he is now suing McGee and Snapchat.

Wentworth and his wife are suing the company behind the popular social media app and McGee for negligence. Their lawsuit reportedly argues that Snapchat is equally responsible for the crash because they did not remove the speed filter after it had already been cited in other accidents prior to this one.

“On and before September 10, 2015, Snapchat knew that wrecks had occurred due to the use of Snapchat’s app while driving at high speed,” the complaint reads according to the Washington Post. “Despite Snapchat’s actual knowledge of the danger from using its product’s speed filter while driving at excessive speeds, Snapchat did not remove or restrict access to the speed filter.”

While the filter includes a “Do NOT Snap and Drive” warning to users, it generally doesn’t deter people from doing just that.

Removing the speed filter wouldn’t likely make much of a difference either, because the app and all of its other features can still be used while behind the wheel of a car.

McGee — despite almost killing multiple people due to being careless and irresponsible — still managed to snap a photo from the ambulance with blood dripping down her face and the words “Lucky to be alive.”

The obsession with impressing followers on social media has led to several accidental deaths and injuries such as an incident that occurred last December when two Turkish teens were run over and killed by a truck while lying in the road to take a selfie.

The amount the Wentworths are suing for has not yet been reported, but this whole ordeal should certainly serve as a wakeup call to McGee who could be in jail or dead right now as a result of her reckless behavior.

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