Couple Won’t Remove ‘N-Word’ Graffiti Until Cops Investigate

A Connecticut couple was the victim of a hate crime more than a month ago, but the local authorities are dragging their feet in the investigation.

More than a month since vandals spray-painted the N-word on an interracial couple’s garage door, the slur is still scrawled across their home for the world to see.

The Stamford, Connecticut, couple had their garage door defaced during Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, but they refused to remove it because local authorities have not properly investigated the incident, The Root reports.

The couple has since received a citation from the city with a $100 daily fine for having the obscene language still present.

Upon receiving the citation, the couple feels they are under attack by the officials, who are supposed to protect and serve them after such an offensive and threatening ordeal.

Heather Lindsay, who is white, and her husband, Lexene Charles, who is black, are the residents of the targeted home. Lindsay reportedly said she refuses to remove the slur until officials “do their job” and “not just cover it up and sweep it under the table as they have done in the past.”

Lindsay also noted that her home has been vandalized several other times and a handful of her own neighbors have shouted the N-word at Charles.

"For them to be called nigger, it must be so hurtful that they can easily just erase the board and suffer within, quietly by themselves, and act like nothing happened,” Darnell Crosland, legal counsel for the state’s NAACP, told the Stamford Advocate. “And, in fact, that’s what the Stamford police asked them to do. They were requested to take the sign down ... and to just act normal, like nothing happened.

Crosland is challenging the Stamford police to conduct a complete investigation of the vandalism.

“What we want you to do is to go canvass this neighborhood and find out who did this,” Crosland added. “What we want you to do is to put a patrol car out here and act like you give a damn, and make sure these people are protected.”

The authorities, on the other hand, are maintaining that they are examining the situation thoroughly.

“The incident that occurred is disgusting, and it is something the Stamford Police Department continues to have under investigation,” the city’s director of public safety, Ted Jankowski, told the Stamford Advocate.

Jankowski claims that officers spoke to neighbors and nearby homeowners but were unable to locate a witness who saw or heard anyone spray-painting the garage door, and the security cameras in the vicinity didn’t capture the crime.

Additionally, he said that the police department offered to remove the slur at no cost to the couple, and Police Chief Jon Fontneau personally reached out to them, but they continue to refuse.

"The neighbors were very upset when the incident occurred and truly felt for the couple, Jankowski said. However, the residents who have condemned the racial incident are upset and are complaining about continuing to see the racial slur and how it is disturbing the peace in the quiet neighborhood.

Evidently, the neighborhood really isn’t so quiet and peaceful if vandals are running rampant and racists are shouting slurs in the community, so there seems to be a disconnect between the neighbors' outside perspectives and the reality that Lindsay and Charles are experiencing.

It’s truly ironic that the community is more disturbed by being forced to see the word every day than by the fact that someone in their neighborhood is committing these hateful acts in the first place. 

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