Crayfish Cuts Off Its Claw To Escape Death In Boiling Hot Soup

"I let him live. I already took him home and am raising him in an aquarium," said the man who adopted a crayfish after it made a dramatic break for freedom.


A crayfish in China has become the talk of the town after it sacrificed one of its claws to save its life.

In a dramatic footage that has garnered millions of views, the crustacean could be seen cutting off its limb to survive a boiling pot of spicy soup at a restaurant, soon becoming an online hero.

The clip was first posted on the Chinese social media website Weibo by a user named Jiuke. The online user decided the crayfish loved its life way too much to become someone’s dinner and chose to adopt it.

"I let him live. I already took him home and am raising him in an aquarium," said Jiuke after Weibo users urged him to let go of the animal that made a spectacular break for freedom.

Moreover, fortunately, the little hero won’t have to live its life with an amputated claw, as crayfish are able to regenerate their limbs after some time.

Though adult crayfish might not be able to grow their claws back to its original size, the new limb nevertheless functions perfectly.

The global market for crayfish saw a surging growth in a last few years – especially in China, where the market witnessed expansion at an extraordinary rate.

In fact, these lobster look-alike creatures were reportedly the most popular dish in China last year based on a list of the top “10 most-ordered dishes on Chinese consumer app Meituan-Dianping.”?

According to a report by the country’s agriculture ministry, the production of crayfish had “more than tripled to 850,000 tones, 70 percent of the world's output.”

A number of specialist restaurants proliferated across the country with the creature garnering popularity particularly because it, in some way, encourages social interaction due to diners having to keep their phones away to peel away the shells.

However, this particular crayfish showed in order to survive in this cutthroat difficult times, one may have to suffer temporary pain.

Banner Image Credits: Pixabay

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