Driver Busted For Attaching iPhone, Tablet To Steering Wheel

The Canadian driver may have believed he was being smart by attaching his devices to the steering wheel, but police officers had a different idea.

A Vancouver, Canada, man just couldn’t stay away from all the online action, so he tied both his tablet and iPhone to the wheel of his car.

The unnamed driver was caught by an officer with the Vancouver Police Department driving with both his tablet and iPhone attached to his steering wheel. According to officials, the driver used a lightning cable to connect the tablet to the vehicle’s dashboard.

CTV News reported the agency is calling this the strangest case of distracted driving they have ever seen.

“Just when I think I've seen everything, a photo like this is captured by one of our officers,” Constable Jason Doucette told reporters.

What’s perhaps most interesting about this incident is that the driver does have a phone mount attached to the dashboard, and yet he preferred to attach the phone to the wheel.

After all, distracted driving is a serious problem that, in the United States alone, claims over 3,000 lives each year.

British Columbia Attorney General David Eby said this incident highlights the importance of reminding drivers that distracted driving is a serious problem.

“We need to make a cultural change in British Columbia where people understand that distracted driving is similar to drinking and driving or excessive speeding in terms of the death and misery it can cause,” Eby told reporters.

“We are reminding our drivers to leave their devices alone behind the wheel," Doucette added.

If anything, this driver may have thought he would get some kudos for trying to keep his devices as close as possible so he wouldn’t have to handle them. Still, he was not inventive enough to avoid getting caught.

Perhaps he should have avoided legal trouble — and a possible accident — by simply putting his devices down for the drive.

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