GOP Candidate Tells His Kids To ‘Build The Wall’ In Bizarre New Ad

Republican Ron DeSantis introduces his children to far-right nationalism in creepy new ad campaign touting President Donald Trump.

In today’s world, children need to be taught on being inclusive, being accepting, making bridges and loving people regardless of the color of their skin – but Republican Ron DeSantis believes in teaching his kids the exact opposite.

DeSantis featured in a President-Donald-Trump-praising ad just before the 2018 midterms, and it was eerie to say the least.

The bizarre ad starts with DeSantis’ wife, Casey, introducing her husband to the viewers.

“Everyone knows my husband Ron DeSantis is endorsed by President Trump, but he’s also an amazing dad,” she said. “Ron loves playing with the kids.”

In the very next scene, DeSantis can be seen with his toddler daughter who is playing with toy blocks. The GOP Florida hopeful hands the building blocks to her daughter, telling her to “build the wall.”

Yes, that’s right, instead of teaching his daughter of building bridges; he wants her to burn them down.

Preaching his children to hate, not love, DeSantis can be seen reading a book to his son who is younger than his daughter. But the book he is reading out to the infant is Trump’s infamous book, The Art of the Deal.”

“Then Mr. Trump said, ‘You’re fired,’” DeSantis reads out to his child. “I love that part,” he added, as the words “PITBULL TRUMP DEFENDER” displays on screen.

Casey makes an entry again. This time telling the audience her husband is more than a Trump Trumpet – which is clearly not the case. “People say Ron’s all Trump,” she said. “But he is so much more.”

In the next scene, DeSantis appears with his daughter once again, trying to teach her to talk while using a “Make America Great Again” Trump lawn sign. 

The ad that was nothing but a display of utmost loyalty on DeSantis’ part for the president ends on this note: the Republican looking at his infant son in the cot, saying “Big league, so good.”

While some people may think the ad as funny or lighthearted, it surely lacked context. The only thing it showed was the lengths that DeSantis could go to get in Trump’s good books. After all, teaching his kids racism, xenophobia and bias attitudes from such a young age is proof how he can make one community hate another in no time to live in Trump’s America.

People on social media couldn’t believe their eyes after viewing DeSantis’ uncanny marketing campaign.












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