Snapchat Celebrity Arrested In Saudi Arabia For Impersonating Women

The social media celebrity was arrested for “producing and distributing material insulting to public order.”

A man in Saudi Arabia was arrested for allegedly posting videos of himself dressed like a woman.

The man’s identity wasn’t revealed but authorities described him as a “famous Snapchat personality who appeared in video clips dressed like women.”

At least one report claims the man’s name is Aboud Bad, a YouTube celebrity with over 70,000 subscribers, who drives around in Saudi Arabia dressed in a burqa, the traditional and compulsory garb for women in the Gulf kingdom.

The police arrested the suspect “for producing and distributing material insulting to public order,” while some citizens complained about him dressing “inappropriately.”

Homosexuality is illegal in the ultraconservative country that follows the strict version of Sunni Islamic law called Wahhabism. There is even a separate law enforcement department — known as the morality police or Haia — to make sure religious morals are duly followed in public.

Since laws pertaining to gender identity are unforgivably strict, cross-dressing therefore is also a punishable offense.

Last December, a man was detained in a Riyadh mall for wearing a burqa. He was one of the dozens of people have been arrested over the past several years over their choice of clothing, which is a violation of free expression and an individual’s right to privacy, according to Human Rights Watch.

The man’s arrest comes just weeks after another YouTube celebrity, a teenager named Abu Sin, was arrested simply for having funny conversations with 21-year-old American video blogger Christina Crockett.

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