Mother Forced Her Children To Undergo Gastric Surgery To Claim $483K

The woman’s home was raided in 2013 and she was arrested after suspicions of fraud were raised.

A 49-year-old woman from Croydon, south London, lies about her children's health didn't just defraud the government — they also forced her children into unnecessary and painful surgery.

The unnamed woman lied about her children’s health for more than a decade, meanwhile claiming more than $483,000 in disability living allowances and income support benefits, all while her partner earned $49,000 annually.

The woman was arrested in 2013, kicking off a three-year investigation. Last month she was convicted of fraud, false presentation, cruelty and for obtaining money by deception. She has now been sentenced to seven and a half years in jail.

Interestingly, she shows no remorse for her behavior.

The mother, who gave her young son and daughter drugs they did not need, and made them undergo invasive treatment, including various surgeries, claimed that the kids suffered from asthma and autism along with other health problems. They even had gastrostomy tubes inserted in them, although they could eat normally on their own.

“I note that you have appeared to be very sad at times during this trial  but watching you as I have for three months in court, in my view, it cannot be said to amount to remorse for what you did,” Judge Elizabeth Smaller told the woman at Croydon Crown Court.

“Despite everything, your children still love you  that is no doubt, which makes your exploitation of their unconditional love and trust, for them, all the more serious and bewildering,” Smaller added.

The woman, whose identity has been concealed for her children’s sake, apparently also kept her son in diapers till the age of 7, which was extremely embarrassing for him. He also underwent an irreversible operation to reduce his stomach capacity by 20 percent. When the children denied they were unwell, their mother labeled them as “liars.”

It is absolutely disgraceful that a mother could stoop so low and put her children’s lives at risk all for the sake of money. However, it is said that she suffers from depression, anxiety issues and personality disorders.

The kids are now in foster care, and are living a normal life without medications, surgeries and medical assistance. 

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