Ted Cruz Proves That He Is Worse Than Donald Trump

The Republican presidential candidate seems to have hardened his stance against undocumented people living in the country.

Following his disappointing third place finish in South Carolina primaries on Saturday, Ted Cruz has apparently taken a page out of party frontrunner Donald Trump’s book by toughening his stance on immigration.

The Texas senator recently told Fox News host Bill O'Reilly that if he makes it to the Oval Office, he would use federal immigration officers to round up all 12 million undocumented people estimated to be living in the United States and deport them.

“Twelve million illegal aliens here in America,” the host began. “Mr. Trump says he would deport them forcefully. The federal authorities would round them up and send them back home — costs a lot of money but he says it’s all worth it because we just can’t allow the law to be broken this way. Would you round up 12 million illegal aliens here and if so, how?”

Cruz answered by insisting that he would enforce the law by deporting them, building a wall and tripling the border patrol.

“We should deport them,” the White House hopeful said. “That’s what ICE exists for. We have law enforcement that looks for people who are violating the laws, that apprehends them and deports them.”

O’Reilly then pressed further and asked Cruz if he would deport fictitious Irishman Tommy O'Malley, who has a couple kids and a life in Long Island, for overstaying his visa.

“You better believe it,” the senator responded. “Both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio would allow those 12 million people to become U.S. citizens. I will not.”

It looks like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz aren't that different at all  at least when it comes to undocumented immigrants.

Watch the complete interview in the video above.

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