Cruz’s Campaign Donated Water To Flint, But With A “Pro-Life” Catch

Members of Ted Cruz's campaign donated water bottles to Flint, Michigan, but only anti-abortion organizations were the lucky recipients.

Members of Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign donated water bottles to Flint, Michigan—but only certain people were the lucky recipients.

Cruz’s Michigan state director Wendy Lynn Day wrote in a Facebook post that she had coordinated with anti-abortion organization Flint Right To Life in order to “[deliver] water to Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Flint to give to expecting moms and moms of little ones.”

We have been working with Flint Right to Life since Friday to find out how best to help Flint. This Wednesday...

Posted by Wendy Lynn Day on  Tuesday, January 19, 2016


As Refinery 29 details, “Crisis pregnancy centers are anti-abortion organizations aimed at persuading women to keep their pregnancies, sometimes through misinformation and manipulation. In donating to a crisis pregnancy center — as opposed to, say, a school or ideologically unaffiliated organization like the Red Cross — the Cruz campaign overlooks the children who have already been poisoned by toxic water.”

In a city with 100,000 residents who are suffering due to lead poisoning in their water supply, to only provide water to groups that would promote the “the pro-life values of Senator Cruz” is incredibly myopic.

Using a tragic crisis such as Flint’s to score political points is reprehensible, and social media users took Cruz to task on the issue:






Despite the extremely limited nature of Cruz’s efforts to help Flint, they far exceed anything else offered by the other Republican candidates. In response to the water crisis, Sen. Marco Rubio indifferently said, “That’s not an issue that right now we’ve been focused on.”

Donald Trump simply refused to comment on the issue, calling it a “shame…but I shouldn’t be commenting on Flint.”

This is likely because they are reluctant to condemn a fellow Republican, Michigan governor Rick Snyder, for his utter mishandling of the situation. Democrats have had no such qualms, and both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders commented on the issue during the last Democratic debate.

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