Cuban Ambassador To The US Slams Trump’s New Policy On Twitter

In a since-deleted tweet, ambassador José Ramón Cabañas trolled President Donald Trump's decision to cancel the deal with Cuba established by his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

Donald Trump has not made many friends abroad as president. He has bumped heads, so to speak, with many foreign officials, with the latest being the Cuban ambassador to the United States.

After Trump announced that he planned to roll back former President Barack Obama’s policies that sought to better U.S. relations with Cuba, ambassador José Ramón Cabañas took to Twitter to troll the president's abrupt and reckless decision.

In a now-deleted tweet, Cabañas wrote, “#Cuba Now it is official: these are the new enemies of US Foreign Policy. Watch out!!” accompanied by a picture of a family of tourists walking past a street vendor.

Before the end of his time in office, Obama made it so Americans were permitted to visit the island nation under 12 different categories with a general license. However, Trump announced Friday that he is tightening commercial and travel ties between the two countries, The Hill reports.

Under Obama’s policy, tourists have been able to use the “people-to-people” category, which allowed Americans to visit Cuba for educational purposes, however, this will no longer be allowed under Trump’s plan.

U.S. citizens will still be able to self-certify under a general license to travel to Cuba for legitimate reasons but under the condition that they keep a full schedule and logs detailing what they did during the trip. Meanwhile, business-to-business engagement will still be permitted.

These disappointing details give additional context to Cabañas' tweet, which accurately summed up the fact that Trump is punishing tourists with this decision and setting back the progress made toward friendlier relations with Cuba. 

This latest action just proves that Trump is hell-bent on undoing every historic move that the first African-American president made, thus erasing his legacy. 

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