Flint Mayor Allegedly Stole Clean Water Charity Money

The current mayor of Flint, Michigan is facing a serious lawsuit that alleges she funneled money from the Clean Water charity into her campaign PAC.

According to a new federal lawsuit against the current mayor’s office, former Flint City Administrator Natasha Henderson alleges that she was fired after reporting allegations of corruption against Flint Mayor Karen Weaver. Henderson claims that she found out Weaver was intentionally directing donations away from a clean water charity and into a fund sharing a name with the mayor's campaign fund.

In the suit, which was filed on Monday, Henderson explains that on February 9, she was approached by an assistant of Weaver’s, Maxine Murray, and was told that she was to begin directing donations to “Karenabout Flint.” Murray allegedly came to Henderson “in tears” and was in fear of “going to jail.”

CNN reportedly could not verify the authenticity of “Karenabout Flint,” but it did not appear on any state tax registries. However, it’s important to note that “Karen About Flint” was Weaver’s campaign slogan back in 2015 when she first ran for mayor. Her Twitter handle is also @karenaboutflint.

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Murray and Henderson also allege in the suit that Murray was “specifically asked that potential donors be given step-by-step instruction on how to donate to Weaver’s PAC as opposed to the charity earmarked for Flint citizens.”

According to the suit, Henderson took this information and went straight to the city’s interim legal counsel, Anthony Chubb. She followed up with Chubb the following day as well as on February 12—but she was fired by Weaver later that day.

Henderson’s complaint holds quite a bit of weight considering Weaver ran on a platform last year with the promise to help restore Flint to former glory, making Weaver out to be a champion of the people—a tactic that made her widely popular.

If this suit holds any water, this could have a devastating ripple effect throughout the community.

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