Customers Unfazed As Lexus SUV Crashes Through CitiBank Window

A driver of a Lexus SUV suddenly crashed into a Citibank branch in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday while customers continued using the ATM machines.

For most of us, when we witness a car accident, we become startled and worried. But for some customers at a Citibank where a crash occurred, it didn’t seem to faze them.

A Lexus SUV unexpectedly ran into a Citibank on the corner of Avenue J and Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday morning, according to The New York Daily News.

The accident left some serious damage at Citibank, with shattered glass on the lobby floor. The bank’s windows and a building pillar were destroyed after getting hit by the car’s hood, grill, and headlights.


While the accident left a physical impact on the bank, it didn’t bother some customers as they continued to go about their business and use the ATM machines at the branch.

Luckily, no one was critically injured, and the three people involved in the accident — including the driver and their passenger — refused medical attention.

These Citibank customers were so determined to make their ATM transactions that they were blissfully unaware of the serious car crash that occurred just a few feet away from them. 

Banner Image Credit: Amanda Lenon, Twitter

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