Cynthia Nixon Tells Gov. Cuomo To Stop Lying In Heated Debate

“If you stop lying, I will stop interrupting,” Cynthia Nixon said to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo when he tried to silence her.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his opponent Cynthia Nixon got in a testy exchange during a televised New York gubernatorial primary debate that took place at the Hofstra University on Long Island about two weeks before September election.

The democratic challenger and Cuomo disagreed on several issues. The former actress has a more progressive platform than Cuomo and has been vocally critical of him.  During the heated debate Nixon slammed the governor who portrays himself as the vanguard for President Donald Trump, for his unimpressive record on major issues like corruption. She also called him out on his handling of the city’s deteriorating transit system and the single-payer health care relating to marijuana legalization.

While both the politicians tossed jabs at each other, Cuomo asked Nixon to stop interrupting.

“Can you please stop interrupting?” he asked. “Can you please do that?”

“If you stop lying, I will stop interrupting,” Nixon shot back.

“As soon as you do,” the incumbent governor responded.

Nixon, has gained a great deal of support in her campaign for governor because she has showed the kind of passion and dedication to the immigration cause that many liberals expect from progressive politicians, especially during this particular time, when President Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance policies are creating hurdles for immigrants in the country.

During the debate, Nixon mentioned that legalizing marijuana is more of a racial justice issue, noting that people of color are far more likely to be arrested for marijuana-related crimes than white people. She demanded the people who were arrested for the so-called crimes to be released.

“Effectively, marijuana in New York state has been legal for white people for a very long time,” she said.

Nixon then tweeted about her exchange with the governor and people were all praise for her.






Thumbnail/Banner Image: Craig Ruttle, Pool via Reuters

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