Sexist 'Kitchen' Comment Lands Czech Footballers On Women’s Team

The two players are now training with the female team so they can see women have plenty of worth outside the kitchen.

A Czech football club, AC Sparta Prague, has sent two players to train with the women’s team after they made sexist remarks.

Goalkeeper Tomas Koubek criticized assistant referee Lucie Ratajova for missing an offside call during the team’s 3-3 draw against Czech city of Brno on Sunday.

“Women should not officiate men’s soccer” because they “belong at the stove,” he said.

Midfielder Lukas Vacha, 27, then tweeted Ratajova’s  picture with the words "to the stove.”


Sparta Chief Executive Adam Kotalík  called the comments "unacceptable,” adding the men "will see for themselves that women can be handy not only at the stove.”

Koubek took to Facebook to apologize for his sexist comments.

Posting a picture of his wife and daughter, the goalkeeper wrote, “Yesterday in Brno, a mistake occurred that brought many emotions … I said a sentence right after the game that I feel sorry for now and I would like to apologize to all the women. It was not meant in a chauvinistic way, the words were aimed at a specific person and a specific situation that occurred during the game. At the opposite, I love my girls and want them to achieve something in their lives that we can be proud of.”

Vacha also took to social media to clarify that his comment was directed toward this particular situation and that he did not mean to offend all women — which doesn’t seem like a good enough apology, at all.

“I support women in ‘male professions’ and also female soccer fans,” he added.

His statement was followed by a picture of him standing with other female soccer players.

“I would like to emphasize that women are and will be an important part of football and their presence in its structures and at the stands is important for football,” said Czech FA Chairman Miroslav Pelta.

It is important that sexist men like Koubek and Vacha are taught the lesson that women do not only belong in the kitchen and do not only excel at making sandwiches. The fact that the United States has a woman running for president is just another example of how strong, resilient and proficient women are.

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