Dad Calls Out Unfair Rules After Son Is Barred From School Over Dreads

While the boy’s father said his son is being racially discriminated against, the school insists that it has had a short hair policy since 1971.

A Florida 6-year-old was barred from starting first grade at a private Christian school because of his dreadlocks.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, A Book’s Christian Academy demanded that the young boy get a haircut before he would be permitted to attend school.

While the boy’s father, Clinton Stanley Sr. said his son is being racially discriminated against, the school insisted that it has had a short hair policy since 1971 and maintained it is a standard Christian school rule.

“I respect their rules, but it’s not right,” said the boy’s father. “Allow kids to come as they are. You are a Christian school.

“In the Bible it says, come as you are,” he added. “You deny a kid an education on his hair?”

Stanley recorded video footage of his son, who was properly dressed in full uniform, being turned away when they showed up at the campus for his first day of school.

He originally shared the clip on Facebook, and it quickly went viral and garnered thousands of reactions, according to the Orlando Sentinel. While many people agreed with Stanley, others echoed the school’s excuse that hair rules are common in private religious institutions.

Stanley said that when he initially chose the school for his son, he wasn’t aware of the hair rules and he wasn’t informed of them prior to the day he arrived on campus with his son. Someone online shared a link to the school’s handbook on his post which includes the short hair rule.

Although he is now aware that the rule has been established, he still argued that it is unfair. He said he thinks that if the school’s message is that “all kids are created in the image of God” then all should be welcome regardless of their hairstyle.

The frustrated father also claimed that the school equates dreadlocks with something worn by “hoodlums,” which is an insult to black people who make up the majority of those who wear dreadlocks.

“You’re disassociating yourself of people of color,” Stanley said.

Sue Book, the school’s administrator, rejected Stanley’s accusation as 95 percent of her students are black, which suggests that other black parents don’t have an issue with the rules and continue to enroll their children.

Ultimately, Stanley and his wife decided to move their son to the local public school, Lovell Elementary School, where they accept his dreadlocks.

Stanley should have familiarized himself with all of the school's rules before choosing it for his son to avoid this humiliating experience for the child. However, he has a very valid point that no matter how longstanding the policy is, it's still unfair and seems to go against the Christian values the school claims to uphold. 

A hairstyle should not determine whether a child can receive an education — private school or otherwise. Furthermore, as activist and journalist Shaun King pointed out, the school has pictures hanging up of Jesus with long hair. If Jesus could have long hair, why can't children who are all supposedly created in God's image? 

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