Dan Rather Tells Trump There's No Book For 'Dummies' On North Korea

The former news anchor has some stark words for the commander-in-chief and his administration, admonishing them for not being better prepared with Pyongyang.

Is President Donald Trump prepared to take on diplomatic negotiations with North Korea? Commentary from one prolific journalist rightly points out this isn’t the venue for “dummies” to lead.

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather has observed how disastrously the Trump administration has handled themselves in prepping for the summit — which may not even happen, according to some North Korea officials. Taking to social media on Sunday evening, Rather excoriated the Trump administration, advising them that they couldn’t "wing" it when it came to such important denuclearization negotiations.

“Reporting is that the Trump Administration is worried about upcoming summit with North Korea,” Rather wrote. “This is not the kind of thing you can wing. There is no book called ‘Nuclear Disarmament Talks with Reclusive and Impulsive Dictators for Dummies.’”

Aides to the president are apparently unsure of whether he has a firm “grasp” of what North Korea’s nuclear capabilities are and what their program entails. Trump is reportedly asking for advice from his staff on whether he should even move forward with the summit itself, fearful that it may not lead to anything substantially positive for his image.  

His comments regarding how he believes “everyone thinks” he should win the Nobel Peace Prize may hurt him as well, making negotiations with Pyongyang more difficult as he has made it clear that the honor is on his mind going into the summit. North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un could possibly use winning that prize as a bargaining chip to influence the president. Where focus should be on denuclearization on the Korean peninsula, Trump’s own ambitions may take center stage instead.

Describing the president and those involved in the negotiations process as “dummies” fits the administration to a tee. Trump doesn’t deserve the Nobel Prize, and his focus on producing an outcome that will make him look good should be put aside while he tries to come up with an actual plan for how to convince North Korea to denuclearize.

Trump’s presidency has been all about self-promotion. The time for that kind of selfishness needs to stop — but more importantly, the president also needs to stop looking (and acting) like a dummy.

He won't do anything positive for our country unless he actually does his homework, and prepares in earnest to lead. He's shown no inkling toward doing as much so far as president.

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