NRA’s Dana Loesch Says If Guns Are Banned, So Should 'Feet And Fists'

“Right after we ban pools, cars, cigarettes, alcohol, hands feet and fists. Lives lost due to these constitute an epidemic,” Loesch said.

The National Rifle Association’s silence after the Las Vegas massacre has been deafening — until Dana Loesch chimed in.

The gun lobby remained mute all through Monday morning. When one of them did decide to speak up, it was to say not to “politicize” the tragedy and to “let the facts come in.”


Funny how they only say that when the suspect is a white man. The facts have come in: Stephen Paddock killed 59 people with an arsenal of weapons, including automatic guns. Whether he had a beard, belonged to a militant organization or had mental health issues is irrelevant in the face of the above fact: He had a massive stash of guns and he used them to kill people.

Then shortly after, the American College of Physicians stated gun violence is a public health issue, and Loesch let loose other gems:

“Right after we ban pools, cars, cigarettes, alcohol, hands feet and fists. Lives lost due to these constitute an epidemic,” she tweeted.



“Hands, feet and fists” huh?

So, according to Loesch’s logic, if guns are banned so should hands, feet and fists, because they apparently cause just as much harm as a gun by virtue of their slapping, punching and kicking prowess. If hands, feet and fists can kill 59 people and injure over 500 in just 10 minutes, then we concede, they definitely should be banned.

Loesch isn’t the only one who is making ridiculous leaps of (il)logic to divert people from the real issue: that if Stephen Paddock never had a whole arsenal of automatic guns, he would never have been able to cause this much damage — and hence the need for gun control.

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) went as far to blame the Mandalay Bay victims for causing their own deaths.


Try to stay safe and get small? When bullets from automatic weapons are raining down on a crowded concert of 22,000 people? Does Thune think the victims didn’t try to keep themselves alive? It’s obvious Thune doesn’t understand what kind of horrors people at a mass shooting sites experience.

When asked about gun control, like most Republicans, Thune evaded the question and instead said, “It’s an open society and it’s hard to prevent anything.”

He isn’t the only one who’s dodging the most important issue of gun control. Even President Donald Trump himself is reluctant to look at gun laws.

Ahead of his visit to Puerto Rico, the president said, “We’ll be talking about gun laws as time went by,” and then quickly made his escape.

On Monday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said talks on gun control were “premature.” She also pointed a finger at Chicago stating the city had “over 4,000 victims of gun-related crimes last year, they have the strictest gun laws in the country, that certainly hasn’t helped there.”

In fact, most of the guns used for violence in Chicago come from states with lax gun control like Indiana, where Mike Pence was governor, or Wisconsin where speaker of the House Paul Ryan hails from, as noted by Rep. Robin Kelly (D-IL).

Now, NBC News has revealed a secret White House talking memo on the mass shooting at Mandalay Bay, which expressedly forbids Republican allies to speak against the Second Amendment.


Things certainly make a lot of sense now.

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