Dance Like No One Is Watching, Unless You're George Bush At A Funeral

International viewers were aghast in response to seeing George W. Bush dance at last night’s funeral for the murdered Dallas police officers. Watch the video.

Yesterday, a funeral service was held for the five slain police officers in Dallas, Texas. During the funeral, former President George W. Bush can be seen almost jubilant, strangely enough.

In what should have been a somber moment of mourning, Bush can be seen smiling and swaying happily to the music. His wife appears to glare at him for doing so, and is only moderately successful at containing her wayward husband. The First Lady too appears to attempt to subdue the former president.

Speculations have arisen on social media about the health of the former president, and whether or not the public should be concerned. Is he showing signs of early dementia? His behavior last night seems to be completely out of line, even if the bar is already set to low. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed

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