Nearly 100 Women Claim This Dancing Doctor Botched Their Surgeries

The video footage of an Atlanta dermatologist dancing and singing while performing surgeries is disturbing to say the least.


Three women recently filed lawsuit against a dermatologist who is best known for dancing and singing while performing crucial surgeries, claiming they suffered under her knife, according to CNN.

Almost 100 women have since called Susan Witt, the attorney representing the three women who were allegedly injured by the doctor’s scalpel, saying they have also suffered similar ordeals, all thanks to the irresponsible doctor.

"I've had more phone calls and emails than I could respond to," said Witt.

Videos posted on YouTube showed Dr. Windell Boutte – a licensed surgeon – dancing, rapping and singing with surgical instruments in her hands, while her patients lay on the bed, cut and bleeding during the procedures.

As if this wasn’t worrying enough, the other nurses around her can also be seen dancing along – all of this, while someone is on the operation table, unconscious.

Many patients who were treated by Boutte complained of post-surgical complications, including infections, disfigurements and even brain damage. Women have come forward to report the so called dermatologist because of her lack of care, concern and professionalism.

Two patients even identified themselves in the questionable operating room videos.

"I think in this day and age, patients do have to be their own advocate," Witt continued. "This has been a cautionary tale which I believe patients can learn from."

Being a doctor is a very responsible profession. However, video footage of a dermatologist dancing and singing while performing surgeries is disturbing to say the least. Boutte first had a public YouTube page, where she promoted herself.

The page has now been deleted.

In one of the videos, the so-called doctor can be seen leaning over half-bare buttocks of a patient. She wasn’t wearing surgical masks or gloves as she rapped her own lyrics to Migos' "Bad and Boujee."

"My patients are bad and boujee,” the dermatologist rapped with surgical instruments in her bare hands. “Building up fat in the booty.”

According to Witt, patients should always make sure of the physician’s credentials and the facility where the surgery will be performed before undergoing such procedures.

"I would not recommend having surgery anywhere other than a hospital or ambulatory surgical center," Witt added.

Meanwhile, the doctor, who appears to prefer dancing over patient care, is still allowed to practice.

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