Girl Who Got Called "Fat Whale" Is Saving The Whales

High school students often fall victim to bullying, but one girl is turning hateful remarks into a good cause.

Sixteen-year-old Dannie McMillan from Lampasas, Texas, was upset when she received a screenshot of a Twitter page made especially for her by another student. The social media profile read “Fat Whale” and featured an image of McMillan’s face Photoshopped onto a whale.

The high school student recalls being embarrassed and upset at the time, but soon realized she couldn’t allow herself to fall prey to bullying. She spoke with Laura Lee, a plus-sized model whom she looks up to on Facebook.

"I jokingly told her part of me wants to cry all day. And, the other part of me wants to get a T-shirt with a whale on it and wear it to school to show that they can't get to me," McMillan explained. "And, she was like 'Oh, we should.'"

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Using a website called Booster, McMillan and Lee combined efforts to design T-shirts that read “Dee the Fat Whale Saves the Whales.” They also decided that revenue from the sale of shirts would go towards California-based nonprofit Save the Whales organization.

Since the start of the second week of March, the teenager has managed to raise $1,600 and sell 100 shirts, whereas her goal was only 50. McMillan has also set up a GoFundMe page where she has raised $1,980 of an intended $3,000 and gained the support of many people. The fundraiser is supposed to finish toward the end of the month.

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It is indeed commendable that a young girl who became a victim of cyberbullying used the experience to help the animals and give back to the planet, instead of allowing it to bring her spirits down. McMillan has now turned into an inspiration for all the other children around the world who get attacked by their peers for their physical appearance or disabilities.

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