Man Says He Will Take Trump 'To The Shed', But Also Vote For Him

Even though Trump has proven time and again that he is not one to shy away from undue violence, people like Vickers will still vote for him.

Even though many of Donald Trump’s comments have caused shockwaves and outrage, even amongst his most staunch followers, the Trumpeters still assert they will blindly follow him.

One such supporter is Darrel Vickers — the man who was caught gasping when the Republican nominee suggested that “Second Amendment people” (referring to gun owners) should exercise their right to take out Hillary Clinton.

The 68-year-old Vickers was seated behind the real estate mogul when he made his shocking comment during the rally in Wilmington in North Carolina on Tuesday, and the image of his jaw dropping in astonishment has been making rounds on the internet since then.

Vickers admitted on Wednesday that he would have liked to take Trump “to the shed” for the remark that, even hard-core Republicans, interpreted as a threat of bodily harm against the Democratic rival.

“I can’t believe he said it,” Vickers recounted his initial reaction to Trump’s remark. “I was just absolutely taken aghast. Had we had a chance to talk to him, I would have taken him to the shed,” he told anchor Brooke Baldwin. “Down here in the south, we don’t curse in front of women, we don’t drink liquor in front of the preacher, and we don’t make jokes like that in public.”

However, it wasn’t Trump’s blatant admission of violence against Clinton that drew Vickers anger but rather the fact he made it in full view of the entire world.

Vickers now believes Trump was making a “joke” which could be easily misconstrued by the media.

“We would have taken Mr. Trump to the shed and said, ‘Don’t say things like that because people will misconstrue it,’ clarified Vickers. “But it was clear to my mind, and to the people around me, that he was trying to make a joke; and, unfortunately, people like some of the media…will take that and screw that up and distort it.”


When asked why he believed the Trump’s words were simply said in humor, Vickers’ only explanation was that “there can be no other explanation.”

“Well, he wanted to make a point. And the point is that Hillary Clinton is going to cause us to have problems with the Second Amendment and with gun rights, etc., and it was clearly a joke.”

“I believe he has the kind of integrity that we need in this country. He’s honest and I am convinced he has the moral fiber to lead this country,” he concluded his defense.

If the Second Amendment remark  was indeed a joke, it was in poor taste, but coming from Trump, what else can one expect. However, what’s shocking is that people like Vickers still plan to vote for Trump, even though he has proven time and again that he doesn’t shy away from undue violence. If a person like this becomes the commander-in-chief of the country, with his Vickers-like supporters turning a blind eye and ready to make excuses for everyone of his unreasonable words, things won’t bode well for America.

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