Dashcam Footage Shows Cops Lied About Shooting A Fleeing Hostage

Newly released dashcam footage reveals Wisconsin officers shot and killed a fleeing hostage with no warning when they were supposed to be rescuing him.

The truth behind the death of a 60-year-old veteran has been revealed as dashcam footage shows Wisconsin cops shot him and left him for dead.

The newly released footage shows Neenah, Wisconsin, officers shot Michael Funk with no warning during a standoff behind his motorcycle shop last December.

Funk was fleeing a hostage situation when he fell. As soon as he got up to run, police fired at him multiple times, according to The Daily Beast.

The video completely contradicts officers’ original claims that Funk was shot after he didn’t obey their commands to drop his gun.

"The video does not give any indication that there was a verbal command given directly to Michael Funk before he was shot," said Neenah Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson.

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Wilkinson said that the original claims that Funk ignored police orders came from witness statements; however, the officers involved have had nearly six months since the incident to correct that false detail but instead allowed the lie to continue.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is investigating the shooting but hasn’t released its findings, according to the Appleton Post-Crescent.

Despite their dishonesty, it’s possible the police officers will not be found guilty of wrongdoing because Wisconsin state law doesn’t require police to give a warning before shooting when there is immediate danger.

Funk and two other men were being held hostage by Brian T. Flatoff over a dispute regarding a motorcycle. Officers tried to rush the building through the back door but were greeted with bullets fired from Flatoff’s gun.

After officers retreated from the building, Funk managed to escape and ended up falling to the ground. Funk did have a gun in his possession; however, he had a concealed carry permit for his weapon.

Funk reportedly never pointed his gun at police or fired a shot.

What’s even more disturbing about this whole ordeal is that Funk and his business partner, Steve Erato, had a $50 million lawsuit pending against the Neenah police department at the time he was killed.

“The most disgusting other than my partner getting killed… was the supposed rescue,” Erato reportedly told The Daily Beast earlier this year. “[The police] bust in to save everybody, get shot at, then they turn around and run back out …. If they’d done their job, Michael wouldn’t have been killed.”

While Erato’s assessment is very blunt, the newly released footage, coupled with the fact that the hasty cops tried to rush in and got ambushed, indicate that he’s right.

These people are supposed to be trained officers of the law — they should have known how to act in the situation but instead Frank had to escape to try to save his own life and still ended up dead. 

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