Dashcam Video Shows Cop Jump Into Action After Toddler Stops Breathing

A police officer in Texas saved the life of a three-year-old boy after he stopped breathing. The moment of rescue was captured on the officer's dashcam.

One of the most terrifying nightmares a parent could face is the loss of their child.

On Oct. 12, a father in Hood County, Texas dialed 911 after his three-year-old son became unresponsive while they were eating out at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Granbury, Fox 17 reported. His son, Brayden, had stopped breathing.

He reportedly said to the 911 emergency dispatcher, “Yes, ma’am, my son… we’re at KFC and my son, he’s not breathing.” Brayden’s mother could be heard in the background, shouting her son’s name.

An EMS was sent immediately to KFC, but an alert police officer who was close by made it to the rescue first. Granbury police officer Chase Miller drove up to the KFC parking lot and recorded the resuscitation with his dashboard camera.

cop saving child's life

The video captures Miller taking Brayden from his mother’s arms, and laying the toddler on the ground. He then conducted CPR as the boy’s parents anxiously watched. Brayden’s mother is seen crying. The officer showed Brayden’s dad how to perform CPR on his son while he went to grab a CPR mask.

As if by magic, Brayden suddenly took a breath. He was then taken to a local hospital where he successfully recovered after necessary treatment, according to the Star-Telegram.

Granbury Police Officer Saves 3-Year-Old's Life

For Miller’s heroic act, the mayor of Granbury, Nin Hulett, honored him with a “Life Saving Award” during Tuesday’s city council meeting. Miller was greeted with overwhelming gratitude by Brayden’s family.

Coincidentally, Brayden’s favorite character on the TV show “Paw Patrol” is a K-9 named “Chase,” so Miller gave the little boy a stuffed animal version of "Chase" to remember him.

While Brayden may be too young to remember how this quick-acting police officer rescued him, Brayden’s parents certainly will.

Banner photo: YouTube screengrab, Granbury Media

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