Dashcam Video Shows Cop Trying To Coerce Teen Into A Fight

Shocking dashcam footage from a recent traffic stop shows a Georgia cop berating and threatening a group of teens in a profanity-laced rant.

A Georgia cop has gotten the boot after he challenged a teen to a fight during a traffic stop, which was all caught on dashcam video.

Social Circle Chief of Police Tyrone Oliver received an anonymous tip about the incident and subsequently fired the unruly officer, according to The Huffington Post.

James Sanders — an eight-year veteran of the force — claimed to have pulled a car full of teens over on Nov. 23 for failure to maintain their lane. However, the video footage shows that the teens’ car didn’t touch the white line until after Sanders sped up behind them.

Nevertheless, the driver pulled the vehicle over and a confrontation with Sanders ensued. The officer threatened to put the teens in jail and search them for marijuana. His profanity-laced rant was, supposedly, in response to one of the teens shouting “f*** the police.”

“If you want to f*** the police, I’m right here,” he said to one of the teens. “I’m giving you every opportunity to f*** me up. Come on.”

He also threatened to show the group, “how big of an a**hole police can be.”

This is not the first time Sanders has been accused of misconduct. Back in 2014, he was written up for allegedly threatening to send anthrax to a local high school, use a Taser on a school administrator, and blow up their building.

Apparently, his irate threats were in response to the staff at Social Circle High School expressing discontent with his performance as a paid security guard during a football game.

Oliver has only been chief since January, so he couldn’t speak to the consequences — or lack thereof — that Sanders faced as a result of that incident; however, he said the latest ordeal is severe enough to warrant termination.

“We hold our officers to a higher standard, and this type of behavior will not be tolerated here,” Oliver said regarding the Nov. 23 traffic stop.

Sanders told local reporters that he plans to appeal his termination and a change.org  petition calling for his reinstatement has already obtained more than 300 signatures.

How can anyone, in good conscience, excuse the inappropriate way that Sanders handled himself during his encounter with the teens? As Chief Oliver noted, it takes “tough skin” to be an officer, which Sanders clearly lacks.

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @blicqer

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