Dating Website Wants To Save American Singles From Trump Presidency

Thousands of Americans are understandably afraid of the day Trump will be at the helm of the country, and this website is getting them out of the situation.

A large number of U.S. citizens are petrified of the possible day Donald Trump takes over the White House as president. Many of them even stated that they would leave the country and move to Canada since they refuse to live in a country governed by a compulsive liar, racist and bigot.




Capitalizing on the idea, a new dating website called is planning to get people out of America by pairing them with Canadian singles.

So far, approximately 4,200 people have registered themselves on the site, of which around 70 percent of them are Canadians, according to the company CEO Joe Goldman.

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Apparently, Goldman got the idea of developing such a website when he was watching Trump’s Super Tuesday wins in March. During that time, Google searches conducted by Americans on moving to Canada were soaring and so, putting two and two together, the entrepreneur came up with the brilliant idea.

The website uses the tagline “Make dating great again” and brands itself as a facilitator “for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency.”

The site will soon start matching up people with applicants that seem compatible.

Hopefully the website will come as a life-saver for those who are really anxious to leave the country, and will also help many people find their soul mate right across the border.

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