Mom Believes Daughter Who Went Missing 5 Years Ago Sent Her A Letter

A mother says she received a letter from her teenage daughter who was last seen in 2013.

Ever since her teenage daughter disappeared in 2013, Pam Massimiani has never lost hope that she would return. Now, she claims she received a letter from the missing young woman.

She told reporters that she thinks the letter she received is from her daughter, Emily Wynell Paul.

“I’m pretty sure it’s from her,” Massimiani said. “There’s a lot of mixed emotions and a lot of feelings.”

Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford also said he “feels pretty good” that the letter was sent by Massimiani’s daughter.

Paul was last seen on April 13, 2013, when she left her home with a suitcase and got into a vehicle driven by an unidentified person. She was 14 years old.

At the time, Bay County Sheriff’s Investigator Jerry Metz said that the teen had left her mother a letter saying she was leaving home.

According to Metz, the letter “said when she turns 18 she would return if she wanted to.” In addition, the girl had looked up how to be a successful runaway online prior to escaping.

“She had taught herself on how not to be found,” Metz added.

When Paul ran away, it was reported she was 4-feet-10-inches and weighed about 100 pounds. However, because nobody has seen her in years, it’s difficult to say how much she has changed by now.

On Facebook, Massimiani confirmed she had heard from her daughter.

Hopefully, the teen who disappeared five years ago is safe. Perhaps if it's true that she left on her own without being coerced or taken, she could finally be beginning to warm up to the idea of seeing her mother again.

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