Man Jailed For Raping, Electrocuting And Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl

The disgusting 50-year-old pedophile used to whip and electrocute the 10-year-old girl in his attic before performing his sickening acts.

A disgusting 50-year-old man has been put behind bars for 22 years for torturing a 10-year-old girl whom he held captive in a gruesome room while playing out his sadomasochistic fantasies.

David Challenor used to dress up as a small girl wearing adult-diapers and nappies before abusing the unnamed girl in his home. Images from the torture den where the pedophile abused the girl are blood-boiling to say the least.

The girl described the "various sexual fetishes and fantasies" of her abuser in a court. The sickening man was accused of tying up the victim from a beam, whipping and electrocuting the victim. He used to lock the girl inside his residence and take her to the attic where he would force her “to do things to him,” including performing oral sex.

The girl, who is now scarred for her entire life, was initially too scared to reveal the horror she had encountered – but eventually she confided in someone. That person reported the matter to the police.

Police searched Challenor’s property and discovered bondage gear including sex aids, dummies, a stun gun, gaffer tape, and ropes hanging from the beam in a gruesome room. He used to abuse the girl in this dungeon-style attic.

The sickening person also took pictures of the girl while torturing her. The abuser used to attach clips and put pegs on her body before electrocuting her.

 After Challenor was arrested, he denied all the allegations, calling the girl a liar and a fantasist.

Even though all the evidence described by the girl was found from the pedophile’s torture den, he pleaded not guilty to charges including gross indecency, assault by penetration, false imprisonment, rape, assault causing bodily harm and indecent assault.

Challenor of Charterhouse Road, Coventry, said he did not take any indecent photos.

However, after a thorough trial of nine hours, the Warwick Crown Court jury unanimously found him guilty of all charges except for the one that was about taking indecent images.

“The defendant will call her a fantasist and a liar about the allegations, but she made them before the police went to the defendant’s house and made a search,” said Prosecutor Andrew Wallace.

“So what are the chances that the police on a later date find whips and various things at his house?” he asked during the trial. “These are not things that are routinely in the knowledge of a child - so when the police go to the address and find items there which support that, that will help you decided ‘is she the liar or is Mr Challenor?'” he explained.

“Just the kind of things she talked about being used on her are there. She hasn’t invented them, they are there,” Wallace continued. 

 Wallace read the victim’s statement in the court in which the young girl stated how she was traumatized for life after encountering the horrific abuse.

The court also heard about the pedophile, who despite having medical issues was the full-time caretaker for his wife. Mrs. Challenor attended the court while sitting in a wheelchair.  She will now probably remain inside her home because her husband has been jailed for 19 years for performing the ghastly acts on the girl.

After arresting the monster, police discovered indecent pictures from a digital camera’s memory card. The officers also discovered images of children downloaded on another device.

Challenor received a continuous three-year term for taking those images and was ordered by the court to register as a sex offender for life.  

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Ozan Kose, AFP, Getty Images

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