Soccer Coach Threatens To ‘Slap’ Female Reporter During Live Interview

A soccer coach causes a furor after threatening to slap a BBC reporter because she asked a question he didn’t like.

David Moyes, soccer coach and current manager of Sunderland, has finally apologized to a female reporter after he threatened to slap her.

Vicki Sparks, a BBC Newscastle reporter, was speaking to Moyes after his team failed to beat Burnley. Following questions about the team’s loss and whether his job was at stake, the football coach got furious and lashed out at the reporter, who was still recording their exchange.

“It was getting a wee bit naughty at the end there so just watch yourself. You still might get a slap even though you’re a woman. Careful the next time you come in,” Moyes told Sparks. 

Even though, the female reporter did not complain about Moyes, her employers were outraged at the incident and brought the matter into the limelight. The football coach however, who was accused of bullying, has been assured his job is not at stake.

“Mr. Moyes has apologized to our reporter and she has accepted his apology,” said a spokesperson for BBC.

Moyes has landed himself in a mess as some supporters have begun questioning his ability at the job, while others have stated he needs more time to prove himself. His career has been through several ups and downs since he left Everton in 2013. He even joined Manchester United, replacing Alex Ferguson, but was kicked out after less than one season in charge at Old Trafford. The Scot then spent a year working with Real Sociedad but was let go of after a poor start to the season in November 2015.

A year with Real Sociedad followed but he was dismissed after a poor start to the season in November 2015.

The pressure is mounting on both Moyes and Sunderland as they look to mount a dramatic escape from their current predicament

Whatever the case, the latest incident has certainly landed him in hot water and will put him under increased pressure on both, ethical and professional forefronts.

“David and the reporter spoke to one another subsequently and the matter was resolved amicably,” a Sunderland spokesperson told Daily Star.

It is outrageous that the football coach threatened to slap a reporter just for asking him questions that he didn’t want to answer or put him in the spot.

“This is disgraceful bullying and sexism, ending with a chilling warning,” said one of Sparks’ colleagues.

Social media users have also expressed their outrage over the incident:






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