DC Restaurant Faces Backlash For Hosting White Nationalists' Party

A Washington D.C. Italian restaurant apologized after being purportedly tricked into allowing the National Policy Institute to host a dinner there.

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Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant of Washington D.C. faced critical backlash after allowing the National Policy Institute (NPI) to host its annual meeting at their establishment over the weekend.

NPI is one of the top “alt-right” or white nationalist groups, with its members coming out in droves in support of President-elect Donald Trump.

In fact, the NPI faced some trouble of its own regarding the dinner at Maggiano’s after a photo of three of its members — including former reality star Tila Tequila— holding up the Sieg Heil salute went viral.

Amid the controversy surrounding the picture, social media posts calling for a boycott of the restaurant began circulating throughout the internet.

In response, Maggiano’s released a statement apologizing for its mistake in hosting the group of Neo-Nazis. According to the post, the organization made the reservation under a different name and essentially tricked the restaurant by not being upfront about who they were.

The restaurant has pledged to donate the profits from its sales on Friday to the D.C. branch of the Anti-Defamation League.

Their attempt at damage control may be too little, too late as the Facebook post by Lisa Fager calling for a boycott has been shared 653 times since its posting on Monday.

According to The Root, other restaurants in the D.C. area were familiar with NPI and refused to take reservation requests from the organization, but somehow Maggiano’s missed the memo. 

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