GOP Senator Kicks Out Cancer Patient For Asking Health Care Question

“Why are you voting for me to lose my health care? Without it, I will die,” the woman asked before being kicked out of the forum.


Republican Sen. Dean Heller (NV) held a town hall in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he reportedly removed a stage 4 cancer patient because she demanded answers regarding the Affordable Care Act.

In the video, the woman, Laura Packard, who has stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, questioned Heller about the Republican efforts to dismantle the health care system. She was concerned because she is covered under the Affordable Care Act.

As Heller read the question submitted by Packard, she emerged from the audience to question the senator.

“Why are you voting for me to lose my health care? Without it, I will die,” she said.

A member of the security team then approached Packard and after a few minutes of communication she was removed from her seat.

“Sen. Dean Heller’s goons threatened me before the event even started. (Srsly, wut?) Then he read my question from the stage, so I stood up to add to it. This is what happened next,” she wrote on Twitter while retweeting footage of the incident.

In May, Packard revealed tweeted that she suffers from cancer and explained how Obamacare is helping her in the treatment.

“I have stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 1st chemo today. Obamacare is literally keeping me alive & can get me cured. If it survives. #SavetheACA,” she wrote.

Packard wasn’t the only audience member who was removed from the town hall.

According to reports, a total of 10 people were removed from the forum. Another man was booted from the room after he questioned the senator if he had actually read the bill before casting a vote in favor of it.

Video of the incident was also shared on Twitter.



People on Twitter had a lot to say about the unfair treatment.





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