Racist Woman’s Vile Rant Over ‘Olive Colored’ Doorman Earns Backlash

“What color would you prefer the doormen to be in your country?” The Loft post said. “Is there a particular shade of white that is acceptable?”


A drunken partygoer went on a vitriol-filled racist rant over a U.K. night club’s doorman after he refused her admittance into the building. However, the bar soon shut her up with a post of its own.

Deborah Smith, 44, was turned away from The Loft bar in Weston-super-Mare for being intoxicated by an apparently non-white doorman and she immediately went to rant her ill-worded frustrations on her Facebook page.

In a post filled with swear words and impression of racial superiority, Smith wrote, “It is 3.30am and I have been refused entry to the LOFT in Weston Super Mare!!!! Why???? Because some foreign T**t says I was too pis*** to enter.”

“ME (A WHITE, BRITISH FEMALE) …I’m not allowed in a club? Too p*****? Assumed buy (sic) a god dam foreigner? In my country? England!!!!” she added. “…I was not racist before, hey but f*** am I now!!! How dare you allow your door, foreign, olive colored, accented, non-English, door man, refuse me entry on the basis of being too drunk?”

However, if Smith was expecting an apology based solely on her white skin, she was sorely disappointed.

The Loft replied to her racist sentiments in a Facebook post of its own where far from accepting her “racial superiority,” they said her “racist spiel made us grimace.”

“Thank you Deborah Smith, for your racist spiel this morning in our inbox and all over our Facebook wall,” the post began. “We have a society of acceptance and tolerance within the U.K., yet there are people who still exist with such outdated and outrageous beliefs of racial hatred.”

“Do all people not deserve the same rights of communication and the ability to express themselves? Is skin color so important to you?” it wrote. “As for ‘Olive colored’ … What color would you prefer the doormen to be in your country?” the post continued. “Is there a particular shade of white that is acceptable? Maybe you feel it should be part of the interview process, to hold candidates against a color chart and deviations shall not be permitted past a shade either side.”

The post ended with, “Fancy those ‘god damn foreigners,’ as you like to call, them upholding English rules.”

The Loft’s post was later removed by Facebook because it did not comply with its community guidelines. But that was not enough to keep the bar down and it posted a picture of the deleted page along with the caption, “Apparently racial hatred is permitted, speaking out against such is not. Such a strange world.”

To view the message in its entirety, go here.

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