Debra Messing Apologizes For Selfie Posted During UCLA Shooting

Actress Debra Messing posted a selfie on Wednesday of herself wearing an orange shirt representing gun violence awareness during the same time as the UCLA shootings.

“Actress Debra Messing’s controversial selfie she posted during Wednesday’s UCLA shooting showed the world how something positive can quickly take a turn for the worse.”

The former star of the show "Will & Grace," was asked by the Everytown for Gun Safety campaign group to post a selfie on social media wearing a bright orange shirt representing gun violence awareness, according to USA Today.

Coincidentally, news broke about the UCLA shootings that resulted in a campus lockdown at the very same time that Messing posted her photo. 

"As I took the picture, news broke out about the shooting at UCLA. I was so shocked and struck by the horrible irony that another shooting was occurring,” Messing posted on Twitter.

Everytown for Gun Safety, in which Messing is associated with, is a movement to end gun violence in our world and to get involved in local communities to end gun violence and promote safety, according to the Everytown website.

Messing received severe backlash from people on social media for her insensitive posting.

"She's not bringing awareness to gun violence. She's bringing awareness to herself," Michael Persampire said on the New York Daily News' Facebook posting of Messing's picture. 

So far in 2016, there have been 21,685 crimes and incidences involving gun violence, according to Gun Violence Archive.

When is this sheer madness going to stop? How many more people need to be killed by guns for the government to realize that gun violence needs to be stopped immediately in world?

There needs to be precautionary measures that employees at gun shops need to take in order to correctly ensure guns to people who don’t intend on shooting others with criminal intent.

In the meantime, celebrities and the general population of people need to stop taking selfies on social media, seeming as if they are making a severe change to end gun violence.

We need to see people taking a break from social media and focusing their efforts on going directly to the government and voicing their concerns for this national epidemic. 

Banner Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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