‘Decapitated’ Boy Saved From Near Fatal Car Crash By Two Strangers

Four-year-old Killian Gonzalez was saved from a near fatal car accident by two passersby who stopped and rescued his head from being decapitated.

Two Good Samaritans helped save the life of a four-year-old boy, Killian Gonzalez, who suffered from internal decapitation from a car crash in Idaho, New York Times reports.

killian gonzalez

The boy’s mother, Brandy Gonzalez, was driving back to their home in Nevada after attending a birthday party for her son in Idaho. While driving along the two-lane State Highway 51 in a hail storm, she lost control of her car. Her car skidded into oncoming traffic and collided into another vehicle in what could have been a fatal accident. 

Her son suffered one of the most severe injuries imaginable – “clinical decapitation” which means his skull had separated from his spine.

An off-duty policeman, Joel Woodward, and his wife Leah were driving by and saw the wreckage. They could hear Killian screaming from his car seat in the rear of the vehicle. The boy’s mother was trapped and unable to move. The driver of the opposing vehicle was “pinned but O.K.,” Gonzalez told reporters.

The policeman broke the glass window to reach Killian and asked his wife to hold the boy’s head in place.

She said, “I had my hands kind of, like, thumbs by his ears and hands wrapped behind his neck holding it still. He didn’t fight, he was not moving; every now and then he would come to.” Mrs. Woodward held Killian’s head still for half an hour until the air ambulance reached the crash site.

Killian was released from the hospital on Tuesday. His mother says that he is able to walk unassisted, but his equilibrium is a little off.

Meanwhile, she has started a fundraising page to help pay for the boy’s spinal injuries.

Killian, who hasn’t spoken about the accident, is incredibly fortunate that such good Samaritans had the wherewithal to know how to respond to such an accident. Had they cradled the screaming child, which seemingly would be one’s first response, he could have lost his life.



Photo Credit: Twitter, @SierraKBOI

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