This Defense Attorney Doesn't Think The Stanford Rapist Got Off Easy

Randy Zelin, a defense attorney, told media outlets that the Stanford rapist is a smart man, despite his recent sentencing.

Rape is a traumatic and serious act and for anyone who has been raped suffers psychological effects after the offense. 

Recently, Randy Zelin, a criminal defense attorney, openly spoke to both Fox and CBS news that the rapist’s sentencing for committing rape was fair, yet also, a long time in prison, according to Raw Story.

"He could be a very, very smart young man and be there [at Stanford] on an academic scholarship," Zelin said. 

Brock Turner, the rapist, was found guilty for raping an unconscious girl with a foreign object behind a dumpster, according to Metro.

During the time of his sentencing, critics accused Turner of not showing emotion after the victim read her powerful letter to the rapist in court.

Zelin shared his opinion to the media that Turner should not be punished by the public for not showing any remorse in court.

According to the Washington Post, as part of her statement in court, the victim addressed her attacker and told him, “You took away my worth, my own voice — until today.”

Turner was then sentenced to six months in jail and must now be registered as a sex offender.

“Six months in jail...that is a lifetime," Zelin said. "Don’t tell me that he got off with a slap on the wrist, that is simply not the case." 

The light sentencing of six months in jail proves that the justice system in the United States is broken and victims are still not seeking justice.

There are approximately 293,066 victims of rape and sexual assault, ages 12 and older, each year in the United States, according to Rape Victim Advocates.

It is extremely brave of this particular rape victim to face her rapist in court and truly pour her heart out and speak about how the incident deeply affected her.

More people need to take the side of the victim because unfortunately, the justice system isn’t doing enough to protect victims of sexual assault.

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