Woman Assaulted On Delta Flight Issued A $200 Voucher As Compensation

“Unfortunately, I was let down by the staff at @delta who let the man go. I was left humiliated, violated, scared and filled with anxiety,” the woman wrote on Twitter.


A woman who was travelling from Chicago to Los Angeles claimed she was sexually assaulted mid-flight on a Delta Airlines flight. She reportedly informed the cabin crew about it but the man was allowed to leave.

23-year-old Delany Luh, a fashion designer from Los Angeles, was returning home when the incident took place. She was seated in between two men. Since the flight was a bit long, she slept for a while.

After she woke up, she saw a fellow passenger had his hands down her leggings. She added that she saw the man drinking before she dozed off.

Luh was terrified and she shouted at the man to let her move from her seat but he reportedly told her to “climb over him.”

“This guy violated me and put his hands in my pants while I was sleeping,” she said.

The woman then ran towards a flight attendant who was standing in the cabin area and told her what had happened. Shaken from the entire incident, Luh hugged the cabin crew member and asked her to help her.

"I ran and sprinted down the hall to the back of the plane where I saw a flight attendant. I grabbed her, and I hugged her, and I looked her in the eye and said, 'Please, please help me,’” she wrote.

She said the flight attendant calmed her down and moved her seat for the rest of the flight. Not only that, she also said she would handle the situation as soon as they touch down.

When the flight landed after two hours, Luh was told she would be escorted off the flight. She automatically assumed that the assailant would be held in custody. However, to her surprise, Delta employee took her to the baggage claim and handed her $200 voucher and the man was allowed to walk away.

“Unfortunately, I was let down by the staff at @delta who let the man go. I was left humiliated, violated, scared and filled with anxiety,” she wrote.

The woman further said that although police arrived at the scene later and took her report but by then the man had already left the airport.

She urged other women to speak up if they ever face harassment or assault.

“Had I put up more of a fight for myself Will would’ve probably not walked away a free man while I was left devastated that nothing could be done. Don’t let society and fear keep you quiet. This behavior is not acceptable @delta,” she added.

Luh said she personally contacted the airline several times but didn’t receive a response. However, when she made the story public a representative got back to her and said the incident was “absolutely unacceptable.”

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