RNC Attendees Dance Like No One’s Watching

The RNC looked less like a political convention and more like a dance floor of a bad rock concert during the breaks in the proceedings.

Attendees dancing their hearts out at the Republican National Convention was probably the only thing worth watching during the four-day event.

Thousands of delegates, most of them unfamiliar with the word “rhythm,” exercised their right to party at the GOP convention. In fact, it’s doubtful whether most of the attendees knew their horrific dance moves would be broadcasted to the rest of the world.

Tired though most of them undoubtedly may be, these people showed their patriotism with red, white and blue at every break in the proceedings.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel said even though he’s not a fan of the GOP convention, “white people dancing” was one thing that made him attend the event year after year.

“The Republican National Convention is a great place to hear people talk about politics and values and all that sort of thing,” Kimmel said. “But there’s one thing brings me back year after year and that’s white people dancing. The RNC is the world’s premier Caucasian amateur dance festival.”

The video above shows just a few choice moments from the 2016 RNC with delegates getting their grooves on.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mario Anzuoni

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