Delta Fires Back At Ann Coulter For Having A Meltdown Over Seat Change

Ann Coulter went on a Twitter rant, declaring Delta “the worst airline in America” for moving her from an aisle seat to a window in the same row.

Delta Airlines

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter seems to have done something no one thought possible: She has encouraged people to defend an airline that normally only makes headlines for its unsatisfactory customer service and inappropriate behavior.

Over the past several months, Delta Air Lines mostly made headlines for the worst reasons. However, the air carrier got a chance to turn around its public perception after Coulter went on a raging Twitter rant and declared it “the worst airline in America” for daring to move her from an aisle seat with “extra legroom” to a window.

Here is what reportedly happened: Coulter was flying to West Palm Beach, Florida, from New York's LaGuardia airport when she changed her originally booked window seat to an aisle on the same exit row within 24 hours of the departure. It is important to note both the seats had the same legroom. At the time of boarding, the airline apparently moved the rightwing pundit to her previously allocated seat to accommodate seating requests from other passengers.

Delta representative Anthony Black told BuzzFeed News said Coulter did not say anything or complain about the de-seating the entire flight. It was only after the plane landed that she took to Twitter to criticize the airline.

Here are a few tweets where she roundly insulted the carrier, its staff and even the passenger who allegedly took her seat.







A Delta representative said their social media and customer care teams reached out to Coulter right after she began her weekend-long tirade, but they did not receive any response from her.

Coulter then began drudging up old, negative articles about Delta, which is when they decided to hit back in an epic way.



The airline also released a statement:

“We are sorry that the customer did not receive the seat she reserved and paid for. More importantly, we are disappointed that the customer has chosen to publicly attack our employees and other customers by posting derogatory and slanderous comments and photos in social media. Her actions are unnecessary and unacceptable,” it read. “Each of our employees is charged with treating each other as well as our customers with dignity and respect. And we hold each other accountable when that does not happen. Delta expects mutual civility throughout the entire travel experience. We will refund Ms. Coulter's $30 for the preferred seat on the exit row that she purchased.”

The internet couldn’t help but praise Delta for taking a stand against Coulter, who famously wrote, “Sorry about the dragging. But convicted pill-mill doctor should be deported,” after a bloodied passenger was violently dragged off a United Airlines flight.






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