Man Claims A Delta Flight Kicked Off His Family Because They're Asian

When the man's father repeated he was waiting for his family, a Delta employee took his passport from his hands and said, “That’s it, you’re not getting on go back in line.”

A Korean-American man claims he faced "mistreatment" and "discrimination" at the hands of Delta Airlines staff as he was boarding a flight from Los Angeles International Airport on June 30.

Twenty eight-year-old Justin Cho wrote in a Facebook post he was flying with his family for a vacation in Cancun when a Delta employee working at the ticket counter started behaving rudely with his father.

"Isabel, the lady that was working the ticket counter out of Gate 31B, was very rude to my father when we mistakenly tried boarding during the Skypass/Executive class boarding and told him very condescendingly to 'move' and 'we're not boarding yet,'" he wrote.

Later, while boarding Zone 1, the family's correct boarding group, Cho's father, who was a few passengers ahead of his family, stood at the side of the walkway to wait for his wife, daughter and Cho.

"Isabel told my dad 'you have to walk in, go inside' and my dad responded 'I am waiting for my family.' Isabel then told my dad very sternly, as if he were a child 'you can't wait here, go inside,'" Cho continued.

Cho's father, yet again, told the Delta employee he was waiting for the rest of his family to arrive. It was then when Isabel "snatched" the man's "passport and ticket out of his hand and shouted 'that's it, you're not getting on go back in line.'"

“Imagine looking at your father and seeing him being treated like a child in front of a huge group of people,” Cho added. “He literally did nothing wrong and just wanted to board the plane together with his family for our vacation.”

Cho, who captured a part of the confrontation on camera, also mentioned another Asian family was pulled aside to double check their passports.

So far, Cho says Delta hasn't responded to the incident. According to his comments on his Facebook post, he "filed complaints with the BBB in Atlanta where Delta's HQ is," and has also "submitted complaints to the FAA/DOT."

He plans to send Delta a formal complaint letter shortly.

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