Delusional Sarah Huckabee Ignores Polls, Says Women Love Sexist Trump

Sarah Huckabee's delusional ramblings during a short CNN interview prove she knows nothing about female voters by assuming all women are mothers — and nothing more.

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When asked about a recent poll that suggested three in four women have an unfavorable opinion about Republican front-runner Donald Trump, Sarah Huckabee gave a delusional reply that proved she knew nothing about the women that are marching to the polls to vote.

“He has a 74 percent unfavorable [opinion] among women. Do you worry that if this goes on much longer about spouses’ wives that it will get even higher?” the CNN host asked.

Huckabee, in a fumbling attempt to explain away that poll, said in response:

“I don’t, and part of that, I think, that if you look at the origin of where the fight between spouses’ wives started, it wasn’t with Donald Trump. His wife was attacked and he is defending himself and defending his wife. But again, I think it goes back to the question. When women step into the ballot box, and they think about what keeps them up at night, it’s not about whether or not somebody hurt their feelings. It’s whether or not somebody is going to keep their kids safe, whether or not that person is going to fight to give their children opportunities, and whether or not their children are going to be able to go on and succeed in America. And I think Donald Trump is the clear winner when you start asking yourself those questions. I don’t think anybody thinks Hillary Clinton, certainly, is going to do a better job at any of those things than Donald Trump. He is one of the toughest guys in the race. I think that’s what women are looking for, and when it comes time to check a box or pull the lever, they’re going to absolutely pick Donald Trump because that’s what keeps them up at night.”


There are a lot of things wrong with Huckabee’s sentiments. Not only are they thoroughly delusional, literally dismissing a poll that suggests he is not and will not be popular with women, but she has completely reduced women to nothing more than mothers. Forget the women that don’t have children, forget women who are seeking equal pay, forget women that are fighting for the ability to choose what they want to do with their body; Huckabee thinks that women are nothing more than mothers, and if you aren’t a mother, then apparently you aren’t voting.

She also sounded an awful lot like Trump when he made it sound like those poor housewives were sending him crumpled-up dollar bills in envelopes that he didn’t “have the heart” to send back because, God bless them, are you going to really deny these sweet ladies the feeling of being worthwhile and important?

That kind of sentiment is why so many women have turned their backs on the GOP—this is not even the first time members of the Republican Party have ignored any woman that simply wasn’t a mother. They completely disregard the working women, the women with no families, the women that are struggling to have their voice heard among the sea of men in industries that turn a blind eye to blatantly sexist policies and practices.

Why would someone like Trump, or even Cruz for that matter, have the support of women? Any major issue that refers to the general female population — say, abortion — is either something they simply don’t talk about or something they consistently change their mind on (if they are not outwardly against it).

Huckabee’s sentiments only solidify that this practice is here to stay, and wrongly suggest that women aren’t actually seeking any kind of equality or reform—they just want to keep their kids safe.


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