Dem. Senator Just Called For Federal Probe Of Trump’s Modeling Agency

Senator Barbara Boxer [D-Calif.] is concerned with Donald Trump’s hiring of illegal immigrants and she wants the modeling company to be investigated.

Donald Trump hired immigrants at his modeling agency, and is now being called out by a politician for violating standard employment practices.

Senator Barbara Boxer [D-CA] is appalled that the presidential candidate used illegal immigrants to work at his model agency, and is now calling for an investigation into alleged immigration and labor violations, Mother Jones reports.

Boxer wrote a letter Wednesday to Leon Rodriguez, director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service [USCIS] stating, “I am extremely concerned by the claims levied against Trump Model Management and ask that you open an investigation into the company’s employment practices.”

She also wanted to inform the modeling agency that violations like these “will not be tolerated.”

Four of Trump’s former models recently revealed that they illegally worked for him while on tourist visas.

According to immigration laws, employers need to seek work authorization for foreigners that they hire, which the presidential candidate clearly failed to do.

Trump’s agency also allegedly charged the illegal immigrants rent to live with the other models while competing for work visas.

Gov. Mike Pence, Trump’s vice presidential running mate, said last week, “These sidebar issues that come up, his business enterprise can address those and I’m confident they’ll address them forthrightly.”

Boxer even took to Twitter to address criticism of Trump’s recent visit to Mexico and news of his hiring of illegal workers.

“Apparently Trump never built a wall to keep foreign models from working illegally in this country for low pay,” Boxer tweeted.

When asked about Boxer’s plea for an investigation, Hope Hicks, Trump’s campaign spokesperson, said, “That has nothing to do with me or the campaign.”

Trump Model Management hasn’t reportedly commented on Boxer’s remarks.

Trump has spent the majority of his campaign spewing anti-immigrant rhetoric. Yet in the notoriously hypocritical Trump fashion, he seems to only be okay with undocumented immigrants when it benefits his businesses. 

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