Dems Introduce ‘MAR-A-LAGO’ Bill To Force Trump To Be More Transparent

Democrats are trying to track President Donald Trump’s stealthy meetings with a cheekily named bill.

Democrats may have lost the elections, their support base in some deeply blue states and quite possibly their sense of direction, but they sure have not lost their sense of humor.

This week, Democrats introduced the Making Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness Act — the cleverly named MAR-A-LAGO Act — to make Trump more accountable to his constituents.

The MAR-A-LAGO Act requires the Trump administration to do just one thing: Maintain logs of visitors both to the White House and the president's Florida estate Mar-a-Lago, previously touted as the winter White House but now being dubbed as the southern White House, because let's be honest, he is not going to stop going there during the summer.

With the onslaught of spring, the Florida resort has seen a flurry of important visitors. Not only has Trump visited the estate multiple times since his inauguration a little over two months ago, he also used it to conduct interviews for his cabinet appointees and invited Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife for the weekend.

During their dinner, common people sat within earshot of the meeting between the heads of states, raising serious questions about the threat it posed to national security.

Democrats Are Trolling Trump

"By refusing to release the White House visitor logs, President Trump is only validating the rampant concerns about who may be pulling the levers in his administration," said New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall, one of the lawmakers who introduced the bill. "The president should end his administration's disturbing pattern of stonewalling information and immediately reinstate the previous administration's policy of publishing White House visitor logs.

"And given President Trump's unprecedented decision to conduct official business at his private business properties, the Trump administration has an obligation to make public the visitor lists at places like Mar-a-Lago and Trump Tower."

Udall also noted the initiation fees of Mar-a-Lago, where anyone can get dangerously close to the workings of the state, have doubled from $100,000 to $200,000 since Trump took office.

In the six years since 2009, Obama administration kept and released logs of 6 million visitors to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after it was sued by a pro-transparency organization.

Since Trump took office, the page of White House Records on has a message saying “This page is being updated.”

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Carlos Barria

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