Mother Furious After Group Home Shaves Off Biracial Daughter’s Hair

“The volunteer informed this 7-year-old biracial child that by shaving her head, her hair would grow back straight,” claimed the lawyer.

A Massachusetts mother is suing her daughter’s group home after a clinician reportedly shaved the little girl’s natural hair without seeking parental approval.  

Denise Robinson’s daughter, Tru, spends a few nights every week at Little Heroes Group Home in Dracut, a co-ed intensive group home for young children with severe emotional issues. Given the fact the program is supposed to help young kids “develop skills to manage complex trauma or mental health symptoms,” one would assume the staff there must be rather careful around children.

However, it seems that may not always be the case.

According to Robinson, she was left outraged after she found out caretakers at the group home had cut off her biracial daughter’s long curly hair, leaving her bald, after asking the 7-year-old if she wanted a haircut.

“I am very upset,” Robinson told a local news network. “And I’m not going to stop being upset, because I feel like my child was assaulted and violated.”

The group home told the mother they shaved off Tru’s head for hygienic reasons — a claim Robinson disputes.

“There was no hygienical reason for them to shave my child’s head. There were no head lice. There were no bed bugs. There was no what I refer to as ‘rasta locks’ going on,” the mother added. “Her hair was two pony tails on the side on Saturday and it was braided in the ponytails and there was nothing wrong.”

Robinson's attorney, Richard Kendell, claimed the volunteer allegedly made a racial remark before the haircut.

“The volunteer informed this 7-year-old biracial child that by shaving her head, her hair would grow back straight,” Kendall told CBS Boston. “I find that appalling.”

Meanwhile, the Little Heroes Group Home has also released a statement.

“Decisions regarding grooming are based on a variety of factors, including hygiene,” it read. “We cannot provide any information about any individual served by the program under federal and state law. A review of the circumstances is underway to determine what occurred and, if necessary, appropriate action will be taken.”

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