Denmark Is Rolling Its Eyes At Trump With A Hilarious Bus Ad

The Danes are expressing their fear of a Donald Trump presidency with an ingeniously designed bus ad that is driving around town in Copenhagen.

Denmark is known for having the happiest people in the world. With universal healthcare, free college, and almost a year of paid parental leave, who wouldn’t be happy?

But the specter of a Donald Trump presidency is stirring fear in the hearts of Danes across their country.

In the capital of Copenhagen, a bus is making the rounds with an ad that reads: "Americans abroad – vote!"

What’s particularly interesting about this bus is what they’ve done with the wheels of the bus, which has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

A short clip of the bus in action was posted on Facebook, by a Danish news site, DR Nyheder, captioning with a quote by a Danish member of the Socialist People's Party.

“We would like to say to the American citizens: don't forget to vote — it has consequences.”

This follows only a day after British singer, Adele, expressed a similar sentiment at a concert in Miami when she said, “what happens in America affects me too.”

World leaders, too, are quaking in their boots at the prospect.

A member of the Italian Parliament told Politico that Trump’s campaign is based on making promises he can’t keep.

“Trump solutions for me are false solutions, but they’re not original,” he said. “They’re things that we have heard in Europe from extremist sections.”

What really makes people nervous is Trump’s lack of concrete policy. He’s used unpredictability as a form of policy. He says he has solutions to all our problems, but he can’t tell anyone because he has to remain “unpredictable.”

But perhaps the most disconcerting thought about Trump is the gulf between what he says and what he’ll actually do.

We all know that he was once a Democrat, who spoke of the Clintons in glowing terms. He played golf with Bill, and invited the couple to his wedding. He was pro-choice for crying out loud, which at one time was enough to be sent to Republican hell for a few lifetimes.  

We don’t exactly know when he became a Republican, and he never really answered that question when Megyn Kelly asked him about it on the debate stage.


Could it be that his rhetoric is nothing but a strategic ploy to win the election, after which he’ll flip a switch to something saner than what we’ve seen? Is his presidency going to be the biggest bait-and-switch of all time? Probably not, but the questions are unending. 

Fortunately, we only have 12 to days to wait till it’s all over. Or it just might be beginning.

Banner Photo: Video Screenshot

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